Recovering Stolen Cryptocurrency with Express Crypto Back

Even those who follow crypto causally have heard at least one nightmare story of an early adopter throwing away a hard drive with a fortune’s worth of cryptocurrency stored on it. If you count yourself among those who have lost their crypto, is there anything you can do? The answer is yes 

Though blockchains are secure and cryptocurrency exchanges protect their accounts, thefts still happen. Even more heartbreaking, is the fact that the stolen assets are rarely recovered. Law enforcement agencies can do little when investigating stolen crypto because the crypto sphere is largely unregulated.

At Express Crypto Back, we follow your money and help you get it back. On the blockchain, all transactions leave a ‘money trail’ that can be traced. It is also quite easy to find the hacker’s wallet address and with due diligence on the part of our highly skilled investigative unit we do a fantastic job at tracing and also recovering stolen cryptocurrency. We also have a capable legal team who help our clients file for damages in some cases where our clients decide to sue the scammers.

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